Who we are

Our beautiful and international team! :)

Our beautiful and international team! :)

WWT is a team of International members that share the same passion for home accessories and innovative products. Each of our members are unique and are an expert in their fields.

Great ambience begins with innovative decor and harmonized colours. WWT believes that home accessories should not only enhance your home interior, but creating an enjoyable space for you and your family.

Our CEO and founder, Wendy Caporalli , developed a great interest and passion in home accessories during her multiple travels around the world, coming from an engineering background she is always looking for the combination of aesthetics and functionality .She believed in chic, modern designs will lighten living areas, at the same time traditional methods are used during production to provide authenticity in the products.

In WWT we believe everybody deserves to have a beautiful home, this is why we combine designer products with high quality  and accessible prices.